Our vision

Founded by two entrepreneurs to make coffee drinking more fun and to make a better world by promoting recycling. Our vision is clear, our goal is to ensure and support all universities and schools in Europe to recycle their (branded) coffee cups. The name “Cup The Market” emphasises on the cups, to show that the cups are the centre of everything. We foster a new marketing trend combined with a real recycling scheme for educational institution. Cup recycling is a scheme that will become self financed in the future for universities and cafés.


How we do it

Adopting and innovative medium with tremendous possibilities

Bench-marking the scientific data to support the concept

Printing CTAs and traceable content for more accurate monitoring

Secured contracts with universities’ and provide subsidised cups

Understanding students lifestyle, habits and needs

Team-up with recycling companies and install special bins 


What we do

We specialise on advertising on disposable paper cups

We offer a very efficient medium to marketers

We offer more traceable and measurable marketing

We will be initially distributing to London based universities

We focus on ads enhancing students’ academic experience

We are the pioneers in introducing cup recycling at universities



Our reach is your target

7 million students in the UK representing £20bn market, the perfect opportunity to reach the millennials

Cup The Market strives to achieve is to spread awareness regarding its value proposition.

With an increasing number of universities joining Cup The Market, the business model will be even more efficient and economies of scale will enable more competitive pricing for marketers. As recycling is a very central issue, Cup The Market has established a partnership with the only company offering a scheme to collect paper cups and is also discussing the introduction of special saver bins with schools. But as post consumer cup recycling is nearly nonexistent in the UK, it is projected to take about 2 to 3 years to have the volumes and economies of scales, which can enable massive drops in recycling costs.


in every crime

Francois de Vinols

Koorosh Madani


Associates & Staff

Nina Akbari
Business Development

Mathieu Fricker
Senior IT Design

Looking for more Information...

Open Positions

Business Development Intern

You will work under the direction and mentorship of the founders, where you will get hands on experience across many areas of a start up. You will support the founders in scaling operations and customer acquisition on the global brands and mobile applications industry.

 Duties will include but not limited to:

  • Analyse the markets, identifying leads and on-boarding prospective brands and apps
  • Connecting and networking with potential partners 
  • Assist with influencer outreach
  • Visit start up trade shows and other arenas where relevant audiences can be found
  • Cold calling, contacting new leads through different communication methods to generate potential leads.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Fluent in English
  • Self-starter
  • Excellent communication skills both in person, over the phone and email
  • Self motivation, an ability to multi-task and prioritise
  • Sales oriented and have a good understanding of business development and marketing, 

This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to grow their skills and experience in an exciting start up that is bridging the gap between brands and students! There is a possibility to develop this role to a part-time / full-time employment.


Graphic Design Intern

You should have experience with design of both icons and websites, other aspects such as user interface and illustration design being a great bonus. Solid skills in the Adobe Creative Suite or equivalents is a definite requirement. Given the right candidate, we are offering the chance to:

  • Develop and create designs and proposals for leading global brands, illustrations and logos explaining our services and define our values.
  • Constantly engaging with clients and to provide creative solutions for each individual campaigns and launches
  • Enjoy creating and designing interface and solutions through Graphic designs for potential clients.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young Talents to get direct exposure of real work experience by cooperating with global brands and applications. If you want to know a little more about us before applying, please let us know, and we will be in touch.


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