Bespoke coffee cups for your events, cafés, stores & offices

Cups are one of the most effective and impactful mediums to engage with your clients to put your messages and promotions across and maximising your exposure.  Branded coffee cups add that personalised interaction you seek with your clients directly which leaves a positive image in your clients' minds. 




Thinking of cups for your next private event!

Private events are the perfect place to communicate with your clients and to promote or launch your new line of product or services. However, you may not be able to reach every attendee, hence by utilising coffee cups you could communicate very effectively with your audience and pointing out your USPs and UVPs. 

By working with global brands, we have the knowledge and expertise in guiding and helping you in creating the most successful and impactful cups. Hence you can engage with your audience to maximise your exposure in your next private event or fundraising.





Coffee shops bespoke cups


Are you a coffee shop owner and looking to customise your coffee cups?

At Cup The Market we thrive in offering SMEs and large corporations the best solutions from designs to most competitive rates. 

We understand that cups overheads can take large chunks of you profits, therefore we ensure to provide you with the best quality cups at best rates. 



Project for cups at the Private Yurt of the charities - Glastonbury festival 2017.

Project for cups at the Private Yurt of the charities - Glastonbury festival 2017.


Coffee cups for offices & Stores

Are you a global investment bank in the City of London or canary wharf?

You could highly benefit in using customised coffee cups and to promote your company's culture and values on the cups. You could also encourage your employees by having motivational quotes on the cups, asking them to enter a competition or simply promote your company's events using the cups. The choices and options are limitless.

This opportunity goes beyond offices, stores or even car dealerships. One could benefit from this by branding opportunity to push offers and promotions as well as displaying USPs to their audience and potential clients.


Limitless opportunities with coffee cups