Kompas App: Discover the undiscovered

Kompas is an app that just doesn’t tell you what and where are the best things to do in your city. It does it in style, alongside the best deals you can find. And god style is something they have.

The app is beautifully crafted with features you won’t see anywhere else. Everything is so neat, intuitive and transition animations so satisfying to watch. But that’s not enough: with such apps you have to have great content.

The best thing to do is to go to the feature “plan”, tell the app how many hours you have to explore the city, indicate your budget and what you’re keen to do (say go see some nice sites + romantic). And Tadaa! The whole journey is planned. Despite having spent 7 years in London, I haven’t scratched the surface of what Kompas is offering.

Hiyacar APP: Renting out your own car when left in the Garage!!!

We've been in touch with Hiyacar for quite some time now and it s been a real pleasure to see that we connected well and that we were on the same page: they ve been very excited about this campaign since day 1. After forging a new website and developing their app, we got together to create a design which would attract car owners as well as people looking to rent cars. Two specific postcodes were chosen for the campaign: the N1 Angel area as well as NW10.

The selection of coffee shops was tricky: super posh people are not likely to rent out their Bentley nor will they rent someone else’s car. Low income Londoners can’t use the service either.


As a result we had to target that specific population who has a car or could need one on a specific occasion. But these Londoners would also need to be a bit adventurous, try out a different service, or else, on the look for a better deals than those of the mainstream car renting companies.

So all in all, we target the population who has the right mindset to rent out their motors, plus the people keen to rent from other people. Design process: 2 sides for both car owners and car renters, a promo code to help the tracking.

Glastonbury: An excuse to gather & help the Environment

Glastonbury is probably the biggest and most eagerly awaited festival of the year in the UK. A lot of companies and charities are represented, as the festival brings thousands of Music fans. Three leading charities, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid are sharing a yurt at the venue to welcome their guest and VIP. Oxfam approached us to get some cups and we answered positively straight away. This is what we came up with:

A modern design using both the light Oxfam green, the dark Greenpeace green and the WaterAid blue. Splash and paint droplets makes a very original contemporary design with all 3 names clearly visible.

It s not the first time we d worked with charities as per our campaign with Action for Children last year.

Charities and cups go well together: PumpAid (another charities providing water to people in need) had teamed up with specialty coffee chain ‘Dpt of Coffee and social affairs’ for a 100,000 cups fundraising campaign.

The campaign fell through 1 week before launch as WaterAid discovered a clause stipulating strict exclusivity with the Glastonbury festival… Hence they could no longer team up with us or Oxfam & Greenpeace. What remains is the different, vibrant, and dynamic design he had created. Bring on the next festival!

Prettly APP: Beauty treatments delivered to your home now

Prettly helps you find & book beauty mobile professionals for treatments in the comfort of your own chosen location.

We had tremendous feedback from cafe and coffee consumers who asked tons of questions about the app. Coffee shops loved that interaction and loved being different by promoting a cool startup - people asked why they were advertising on cups as they all loved the design: women thought the design was very feminine and colourful, aligned with the brand. Hosted at 3 lovely specialty coffee shop of the west end for a full month, the campaign for this rising beauty app was a success and will be run it again after the summer.

Beauty on demand is a tough environment with a lot of competitors and one has to try something new to get the word out and be different. Cups, as a new innovative medium shows the mindset and mentality of the Prettly team: thinking outside the box and trying new things.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-27 at 14.17.45.jpeg

Illustrating the true solution for our takeaway coffee cups

Let’s face it: we will carry on using takeaway cups. But that‘s not too bad if we get them recycled and the bottleneck is once again funding.The answer is to make cups more efficient and turn them into billboards. Yes that’s right, advertising billboards. Not for traditional tacky adverts but for beautiful, arty, funny and eye catchy messages and brands.

After a charity and a beauty app, the startup CupTheMarket is launching yet another campaign on cups with the great service app GoFantastic. With many campaigns scheduled this year in both London’s finest independent coffee shops and Universities, the company wants to prove this is the right solution model for the paper cups. Advertising on takeaway cups allow revenues to be generated and in turn will fund recycling, something they have successfully demonstrated during their pilot test at Cass Business School. They collected in 1 month 3,500 cups which amounts to 75% of cups sold on campus during the same period.

At the forefront of home & corporate services, GoFantastic allows Londoners to book services to their doors by the touch of a button in their beautiful new app. Keen to experience new things and break the rules of traditional marketing they want to surprise Londoners when they’re enjoying their coffee. The message is clear: let Londoners Live, Work, Play and GoFantastic will do the rest. And their offering is pretty smart, with post AirBnB cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, all the way to removal and pest control. We can all benefit from such comprehensive app.

This colourful campaign will be Live for a month from the 15th of May at 10 different Locations in London so don’t forget to pick up your cup or check out gofantastic.com, and enjoy a £10 discount with the code GOCUP.

Contact: Francois@cupthemarket - cupthemarket.com

Action For Children FairBy5 Campaign at CASS Business School

A dynamic duo from Cass Business School are launching a company designed to fund coffee cups recycling through the use of advertising and helping leading charity Action for Children in the process.

CupTheMarket creators Francois de Vinols and Kourosh Madani are tackling the battle to halt Britain’s annual wastage of 2.5bn coffee cups. Indeed, most cups are recyclable but people do not know that they can’t get recycled unless segregated in bins just for cups.

Francois and Kourosh have teamed up with Action for Children to showcase their plan to use their cups as an opportunity for businesses and organisations to market themselves at independent coffee outlets and London universities where millions coffee cups are wasted every year. The idea is being launched at Cass Business School where cups promoting Action for Children’s Fair by Five campaign will be served up to students. The charity are campaigning for child development to be a national priority. Action for Children’s Sheona Michie, Head of Brand and Marketing said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Action for Children to work with CupTheMarket in drawing attention to our Fair by Five campaign. 

“CupTheMarket aims to convert that free advertising space available on cups into an incredibly efficient marketing medium which will in turn generate revenues to finance cup recycling. The adverts on our cups will be fun and will matter to our customers. It’s time to make these cups more efficient. »

The campaign for Action for children was the perfect opportunity to test out cup recycling at Cass and get the cups collected by ‘Simply Cups’, the only UK company offering to pick up your used cups for recycling. With a hand full of standard bins and a little help from Cass’ cleaning team, we managed to collect on average of 18 bags of cups per week, containing approx. 50 cups each

Considering Cass’ sole cafe sold no more than 5000 cups during the campaign, we collected about 75% of the number of cup sold within the building. But obviously a good number of these collected cups were coming from nearby coffee outlets. The campaign too was a success, as the Fairby5’s Thunderclap’s social reach nearly was 1 million people.

What we are particularly proud of, is our solution to encourage students to dispose their cups in the dedicated bins, which can be implemented beyond cup recycling. We had placed signs on bins which read:  » 5p donated to charity per cup ». By empowering the students and giving them that opportunity to help a charity on a daily basis, we realised that cups were falling into the correct bins more often. However, some students still misplaced other rubbishes in our « cups only bins » or also misplaced their coffee cups in the first available bin.

CupTheMarket is discussing further campaigns with a good number of brands as well as reaching more universities, with the goal to establish such recycling scheme in many UK universities. For brands, this medium is the true answer to adblockers and other forms of classic marketing that we all disregard. Companies will essentially pay to have a large scale campaign with their name and beautiful design on thousands of cups, distributed in up to 350 independent coffee shops and 7 universities (to date), while knowing that they are actually funding cup recycling in UK universities.