Marketing ideas for florists (aka blooming ideas) !

Marketing ideas for florists (aka blooming ideas) !

Bring me your coffee cup and I ll give you a rose says the florist. But how come?

Imagine branded cups with beautiful flowers design on them and the details of the florist shop to attract nearby residents. Oh and let the voucher be the cup itself: show the florist your cup and get a rose”. Imagine our streets the moment independent coffee shops of a commercial high street all promote their local florist with stunning cups.

Have a look at the following designs:

Marketing ideas for pubs

Marketing ideas for pubs

In case you’ve been living in a cave, coffee consumption is catching up quickly with the beer consumption. Pubs used to be the one and only place to meet, chill and spend a sunday, but are now closely matched by super trendy hipstery cool coffee shops, with moustache baristas and finely roasted coffee beans from the far end of Kenya.

In turn, pubs have started serving more and more coffee. So that might as well be the perfect opportunity for pub owners to promote their establishments by getting their own branded cups. With a specific message like “happy hours 4-7pm” or “Best mojito in town” or perhaps “Sky, sports, football live here” etc… bref, all in all find something specific which will stick into your local clients’ heads and let them carry your cups everywhere in the neighbourhood.


Lucrative marketing ideas for travel agents

Let design be your number one ambassador.

I have this perception that travel agent ads are usually annoying, boring, pushy and not really inspiring. The only one I remember is that easyJet printed campaigns with a beach or crystal clear water on the tube. The contrast of the sun & beach as opposed to the darkness and depressing tube tracks, struck more than one Londoner. But apart from that campaign the rest is rather boring.

Artificial intelligence vs covfefe

Building on our last blog, I’ve seen recently on Linkedin: “People don't hate ads, they hate bad experience. We need ads that create better experiences; Ads that are relevant don't interrupt and add value.”

Another article with a high number of details and examples criticised how Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads can be efficient as sales boosters, but do not build your brand very much. Essentially these banners are efficient in the short term but remain annoying. Big TV commercials, tube campaigns, or magazines campaigns on the other hand will certainly build your brand in the long run. The designs and messages have more space to showcase who you are as a brand. These expensive classic campaigns are harder to track vs digital marketing but have long time effects.

A sexy cup for the win

Ahhh, the paper coffee cup! What a beautiful topic to discuss. Last year, articles mushroomed in the press to discuss how these little cups are dumped and go non recycled. Suddenly we seemed the press had found yet another bone to chew and journalists had discovered something incredible: takeaway cups can produce waste. Of course they do! The human activity as a whole produces waste. The problem is not waste. It’s not dealing with it adequately, aka: RECYCLING.

Have a look at Nature. Every time and everywhere there is waste, there is something, an organism or chemical reaction to deal with it and tadaaaa: it's used again. That is called an eco-system. Mark my words and if you want, go ahead and take a moment to prove me wrong. On this beautiful planet earth, where there is waste, something will come to recycle it. From vultures to the smallest bacteria, they’re here to reprocess energy as nature cannot bear to see something useful wasted.

Kompas App: Discover the undiscovered

Kompas is an app that just doesn’t tell you what and where are the best things to do in your city. It does it in style, alongside the best deals you can find. And god style is something they have.

The app is beautifully crafted with features you won’t see anywhere else. Everything is so neat, intuitive and transition animations so satisfying to watch. But that’s not enough: with such apps you have to have great content.

Hiyacar APP: Renting out your own car when left in the Garage!!!

We've been in touch with Hiyacar for quite some time now and it s been a real pleasure to see that we connected well and that we were on the same page: they ve been very excited about this campaign since day 1. After forging a new website and developing their app, we got together to create a design which would attract car owners as well as people looking to rent cars. Two specific postcodes were chosen for the campaign: the N1 Angel area as well as NW10.

Glastonbury: An excuse to gather & help the Environment

Glastonbury is probably the biggest and most eagerly awaited festival of the year in the UK. A lot of companies and charities are represented, as the festival brings thousands of Music fans. Three leading charities, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid are sharing a yurt at the venue to welcome their guest and VIP. Oxfam approached us to get some cups and we answered positively straight away. This is what we came up with:


Caffeine makes people buy more

Apart from masking the fatigue, caffeine makes you more alert and attentive. The blood flow in your body and brain really makes you feel more awake. As a result when you have a beautiful cup in front of you promoting say, an app, you re way more likely to interact with that cup and check the app on your phone than you would have otherwise.

Pimp my cup and cup my app

As discussed in one of our previous blog articles, when we have coffee we are usually not far away from our smartphone, if not looking at it. It seemed only logical to work with smartphone apps. It’s a pretty good match don’t you think? A nice coffee, served in a beautiful cup promoting a really cool app... and in the other hand a smartphone and a thumb ready to hit the download button… It gets trickier.

Illustrating the true solution for our takeaway coffee cups

Illustrating the true solution for our takeaway coffee cups

Let’s face it: we will carry on using takeaway cups. But that‘s not too bad if we get them recycled and the bottleneck is once again funding.The answer is to make cups more efficient and turn them into billboards. Yes that’s right, advertising billboards. Not for traditional tacky adverts but for beautiful, arty, funny and eye catchy messages and brands.

Marketing: I Love you, I hate you.

Our relationship to advertising can be slightly tricky to say the least. Some hate it, and some don’t really care. Marketing is important and allows you to get a lot of free stuff. Think about newspapers, TV shows, series, ... but also social medias, music platforms such as SoundCloud... A lot of things we consume on a daily basis exist because big brands pay to be promoted within these platforms and some money is then used to recreate some nice content. As a result how can we explain all these crusades against advertising, since we benefit from it everyday? Let’s take 1 step back.

Prettly APP: Beauty treatments delivered to your home now

Prettly helps you find & book beauty mobile professionals for treatments in the comfort of your own chosen location.

We had tremendous feedback from cafe and coffee consumers who asked tons of questions about the app. Coffee shops loved that interaction and loved being different by promoting a cool startup - people asked why they were advertising on cups as they all loved the design: women thought the design was very feminine and colourful, aligned with the brand. Hosted at 3 lovely specialty coffee shop of the west end for a full month, the campaign for this rising beauty app was a success and will be run it again after the summer.

A powerful medium: advantages of cups

When we came to decide which slogan we should adopt for our company we went ahead for “Your brand in their hands”. It not only sums up our activity but also depicts the intimate nature of our advertising and our ability to get our clients’ customer touching and holding our clients’ brands. And that is truly special. So what happens when you pick up one of our cups?

Coffee shops: reduce your costs in style!

Being an independent coffee shop among all the well established and powerful coffee chains can be a tough cookie for a lot of owners. But rest assured, a new comer is here to help: CupTheMarket offers free takeaway coffee cups to independent shops and aims to give even more free stuff in the future. But how do they do it?

Some Good Coffee cup ads!

This coffee cup promotes Toronto Plastic Surgery, simply by adding an image of a nose onto the cup. When drank from, the cup gives the illusion of the drinker having a different nose, one that many might see as being a 'perfect' nose. This means that they can walk past a reflective surface and see themselves with an ideal nose, which might push them to having a nose job or just consider plastic surgery. Very simple, but very clever.

Action For Children FairBy5 Campaign at CASS Business School

Action For Children FairBy5 Campaign at CASS Business School

A dynamic duo from Cass Business School are launching a company designed to fund coffee cups recycling through the use of advertising and helping leading charity Action for Children in the process.

CupTheMarket creators Francois de Vinols and Kourosh Madani are tackling the battle to halt Britain’s annual wastage of 2.5bn coffee cups. Indeed, most cups are recyclable but people do not know that they can’t get recycled unless segregated in bins just for cups.