How exhibitors use paper coffee cups to drive traffic to their stand?

It’s D-day. You’re all set. The huge exhibition center is about to open its doors to let a horde of enthusiasts enter the hall with joy and excitement. You’ve spent weeks if not months to prepare it all: from your stand to the team running it, selecting what you will showcase and your strategy.

But it turns out that the competition is getting tougher and tougher each year and besides you couldn’t afford that super expensive stand right in front of the entry. All these people coming by today are exaaactly your target audience. They love your industry or at least they’re interested. They are right here in front of you but only a handful of them will get to stop by your booth. It’s so unfair right? How come all these folks don’t come to my beautiful stand ? you may wonder.

Three hours into it, something isn’t right. Your booth is very quiet. And besides, the truth is, you have a better offering, better prices and actually a better product than most your competitors. So you really want visitors to come check it out. The team starts to stress out because they have to deliver results and there are not enough potential clients enquiring. The nearby stands have a bit more crowd than you for some reason, and when you take a glimpse at the main alley it’s simply packed. It doesn’t add up. Tension rises amongst your crew and you’re beginning to lose your temper. At the end of the day you look at your results and it’s not enough to justify your costs.

The second day is even worse. When the time has come to pack and leave you feel like you really need a drink to forget it all and leave that event behind you. With that skinny folder of leads you make it home to that even more depressing email from the venue entitled “Thanks for coming it was the most successful exhibition we’ve ever had” with all their data and shiny numbers. You’re furious and sad at the same time. The organiser killed it but it feels totally different on your end. You’ve poured thousands of £Pounds and tens of hours of preparations into it and it was failure. The marketing packages you had bought such as banners, or mailing lists didn’t really convert this time and you can’t get it out of your head.


But if there is one thing you know, it’s that failures are sometimes good because one can learn from them. That weekend you noticed something interesting. A sort of general behaviour in a way. Everyone has to take a break from time to time and there were only 3 main cafeterias to do so. You actually went yourself. Only to wait in a line for that double shot cappuccino.

So you start realising something quite interesting: at least 3 out of 4 people are getting a coffee or tea. Then they all sit down, relax and get their caffeine hit, turning their brains from “nahh whatever I’m sleepy” to “I’m alert and awake”. Maybe that’s the greatest moment to strike and introduce your company?


This is where we, Cupthemarket, come in.


We brand the takeaway coffee cups at events because we know without a single doubt that every single person, whether ordering a hot drink or not will get exposed to the cups. The cups are simply everywhere and these multiple impressions make their way to all brains, building trust between the crowd and your brand. And now all the attendants want to check out that booth that everyone’s talking about.


We’re talking about thousands of beautiful cups, with your brand, an amazing artwork with the details to your stand distributed from all the cafeterias of the event. Full exclusivity of course. These cups will raise awareness of your booth so high that you wish you had hired more staff and a bigger stand.


We put your brand in their hands at times it matters most.


So can relax, enjoy and focus on sales.