How event organisers could benefit from using branded coffee cups?

There is a famous popular saying which we liked to call upon when purchasing goods and services: “The client is always right”. It’s been around for quite some time now but I guess the question is: “is it really the case any more?”


If you use companies offering cheap goods and services you’re usually treated terribly. A bad quality cheap computer store, appliance or furniture store will treat you poorly. A cheap airline will treat you like cattle (no names needed we know who they are!). The client is king where there is room for manoeuvre, where there is something at stake, and where the company actually care.

Can you complain that your steak is not rare at McDonalds? No.

Can you complain that your steak is not cooked rare at a very good restaurant (not necessarily a 3 Michelin stars restaurant) ? Yes you can, and in some cases you will receive apologies and won’t be charged for it.


So why such long intro monologue to discuss exhibitions & events?


The event organisers are those in charge of gathering all the companies and people who d be interested to feature at these big events where the members of an industry have an interest to get together and physically be present during an event in order to appeal to their target customers and aficionados.


They too are in charge of bringing their clients, aka brands and company exhibiting (those having a stand), the best service possible. Usually in the form of packages with many different marketing items to be purchased, the organisers offer exhibitors a good range of products to compliment their booth, enhance their experience and drive sales.


While at first sight offering marketing cups to exhibitors could come in conflict with existing listed marketing products it does not. It fits different needs and different strategy. One exhibitor may not have the budget for a front row booth but knows that cups will drive a lot of traffic to his booth hence he can go for a more affordable stand and pay a premium to get all the cups branded to his company name.


Marketing on cups do add another revenue line to the income statements of the companies in charge of organising these big exhibitions as it is another product to sell. Different products appeal to different type of exhibitors so it compliments their offering. And while will keep using the same mediums, other innovative exhibitors will choose to go ahead with cups.


The paper coffee cup offer such a massive competitive advantages to the company which features on the cups that it might be a case of all the other companies will have to spend more in marketing during the exhibition to keep up.


In other words cups will drive even further sales for the exhibitors.