Exhibition centres and caterers can benefit from branded paper cups

As an avid exhibition goer, finding a good food & drink cafeteria within the venue I’, at is a major deal. The level and quality of foods in general has increased so much these past years in London and all these foodies instagramers can’t get enough. And this phenomenon has not left exhibitions behind. So we went from standardised boring food and bad coffee to having the best food and brands coming to serve delicious meals to visitors.

Talking about coffee, the appetite for it has risen to much in the past few years, that the paper coffee cups in which coffee is served, is a major expense line in the balance sheet of caterers.


This is where we, Cupthemarket, come in.


We offer as many free coffee cups as you require to cover the needs of all the coffee shops of the venue. We have these cups financed by advertising as we are in touch with exhibitors and in turn we are able to give them for free to you, the caterer. As a result you can diminish your costs dramatically which basically means instant profit. But it come with lots of other perks.

You get to be associated with a good company, a fabulous design and glamourous cups. You will receive compliments from many visitors about the design and the quality of the cups. And you know more than anyone that a happier customer is a returning customers. So essentially that considerably enhances their coffee experience. Cups are fully recyclable that goes without saying, from manufacturers trusted by the biggest caterers out there (Lexington, Kompas group).


Where there is a cup, there is a market. We brand them for our clients and give them to you for free. That’s it really. Sounds too good to be true but it is.