Parcelly vs flying sheds and reindeers?

While strolling on King’s road and Sloane square early October I saw a furniture boutique installing christmas decorations. And I remember thinking “God that’s early for the Christmas deco”. But when you’re rushing to Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nic and many other shops to do your christmas shopping at the very last minute (as you do), then you start thinking: “okay now I see why all these shops start marketing christmas early: that's to give us time to do our Christmas shopping as early as possible.” But I don't, and neither do you.

Christmas should be about family and gatherings. But is it? Well it is of course it is. But the rumour has it one requires something called “gifts” and also “presents” to offer family and friends. And unfortunately these do not arrive on the back of flying reindeers. It’d be far more practical I give you that, but it doesn’t work that way. We all have to go out there, join the mayhem of the oxford street, and elbow our way through all the different shops, in order to get all the items we need.

Or do we? ...

You see today we have something called “the Internet”, and with “the Internet” you can order things from your sofa…. like a sofa for instance. It is thoroughly good but it’s not the end of your troubles. Quite like the beginning in fact, as one has to manage a rather exquisite thing called “the delivery”. Now, I know it might sound easy, but Christ, they can be so hectic!

In fact, if I still was an ardent believer of Santa Claus, I’d probably question how he manages to deliver every single parcel without a single mistake, more than questioning the self-propelling reindeers and flying sled (I’m actually quite serious).

I’m afraid we can’t give you Santa Claus or flying sheds to ease you deliveries nightmares. But we can certainly give you… Parcelly!

Parcelly allows customers to have their parcels delivered to a more convenient location of their choice to never miss the postman again: that is your local newsagent, dry cleaner, pharmacy, convenience store and so on. They have such a big nationwide click&collect network that you will find your ‘soulmate’ Parcelly location for sure, all via a cool app! So rather than staying at home waiting in for a parcel delivery (Oh yeah that’s grim! I’ve been there and so have you), simply get it shipped to the shop which is right next to your home. Oh and if you’re considering shipping that Lego and Barbie toy for your kids straight to work….just don’t. It’s inconvenient, a lot of work for the office mailroom staff and also,  you’d have to carry all of that heavy load back home…. or in a cab which is more expensive. Or your car… and you’d be stuck in London traffic. So Parcelly it is!

You can be certain to have your parcel delivered to a trusted location of your choice, get notified once it arrived and collect it at your convenience. It is as easy as it sounds, and you really don’t miss a delivery with Parcelly (oh it kind of rhymes too!).

We’ve printed nice little red coffee cups to promote Parcelly and these cups can be found in some of the trendiest cafes all across London. Pop in and get your red Parcelly cup with a free 1 month membership. Check out in Covent Garden, @mrcoffeeandmrscake in Spitalfields market, @fuckoffee on Bermondsey Road by White Cube Gallery, @ec1_coffeehouse in the Clerkenwell area, @raisondetre18bute in South Kensington and Cafe Forum on Gloucester Road. This campaign lasts until Xmas so go ahead and ‘Grab Christmas by the Baubles’ - Parcelly will handle your parcels!

Oh and last but not least: join their competition to win up to £50 in Amazon vouchers! Take a picture with that red coffee cup, add the hashtag #parcellove and post it, tagging Parcelly’s Instagram or Twitter account. Et voila! You’re in.

Download the Parcelly app now on the Apple/Android store and get started with your new parcel handling service – a complimentary first month absolutely free, and you can shop as much as you want and collect everything in one handy place of your choice.

How about that for a Xmas gift? This Christmas is all about Love #parcellove <3