O2 Cups promoting graduate programmes are now in 6 Universities!

To provide an outstanding service to 25.3 million customers one has to have the right team. A company can only function properly with powerful teams comprised of people from different skills and background as diversity creates potent synergies. Educated, hard-working, and motivated students make up for the spearhead of any large company such as Telefonica O2. And it is precisely the reason why O2 is looking to hire amazing talents this year to strengthen its ranks. And this year, O2 has decided to call upon a new innovative medium to market its graduate programmes, showing their true innovative and creative culture.

The O2 graduate programmes are now open and to promote them, O2 will run a campaign on takeaway coffee cups in 6 Universities, relayed by emails, billboards and more. Although we do not encourage over consuming caffeine, students can have up to 5 coffees a day which means targeting them via coffee cups is definitely a good idea. And relaying the campaign with digital billboards on campus and targeted emails will simply reinforce the campaign 10 folds. Hence we are very grateful for the help the Universities will provide us when it comes to relaying the campaign and making more noise around it. But what are these programmes one may ask? Who are they looking for?

Well, there are 6 different schemes you can join. Yes 6 different programmes: students have the choice between Finance, Technology, Data Analytics, Relationship and Vendor Management, Commercial strategy, Digital. O2 is targeting students reading STEM subjects (Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics), or in other words, if you’re into courses like Life Sciences, Accounting, Civil engineering, Psychology, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, then we have a match!

O2 have chosen to promote its graduates programmes on takeaway cups in Universities which work towards more gender equality for Stem subjects. Cups can be found at Lancaster, City University, Greenwich, UCL, Birkbeck and LSE, all members of the ECU’s Athena Swan Charter programme, established in 2005 to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in STEM employment in higher education and research.

The dilemma for most companies when it comes to hiring and training is this:

-“What if we train our employee and they leave?”

-”What if we don’t and they stay…”

You see, the number one takeaway from this article if you’re a student contemplating applying to O2 is this: O2 cares about you and your training. It is exactly the kind of place where a graduate can grow and become a better version of herself/himself.

Apply, then prepare well, and good luck for your O2 interviews and assessment centers!