Can Digital Advertising be compared to cups?

We're often asked about our cost per mile or price per impression, or how cups compare to price per clic when pitching cup campaigns to clients. But do these Digital Advertising metrics and KPIs really apply to coffee cup advertising ? Let's fin out.

It is important to understand your objectives when advertising on cups. You might consider this medium as a OOH marketing tool and measure it with Cost per mile. But in reality it doesn't apply here as you are having a personal interaction with your potential customers. If your objective is to acquire more customers/users, therefore you need to use Cost Per Click analysis scheme for this, as you are looking to raise awareness but also make the coffee drinker take action on what you promote.

So let's compare it to digital marketing. When you do adwords campaigns on Google with the objective of people visiting your website or make a purchase, you consider PPC rather than CPM and you want to make sure the Adwords campaigns are interesting and relevant, so that people are clicking. More importantly you have to ensure that your landing page has all the relevant information required for the customers and is attractive and informative enough so your potential customers convert, or take the necessary action, from making a purchase to filling a survey.

With CupTheMarket, you are buying that traffic and you are already a step ahead. The cups represent your landing page so when customers buy a cup of coffee, they technically click on you link and enter your website. Therefore you have to make sure that your cup (which represent your website) is beautiful and eye catching, colourful, interesting and informative for customers to hover around and respond to your CTA. In digital marketing PPC stands for Price Per Click, whereas in CupTheMarket, PPC stands for Price Per Cup. When comparing the two methods, the price per cup is by far cheaper than price per click, you may have to pay from 30p up-to £3-£4 per click depending on you campaign, whereas you pay less than 20p.

Consider an extreme case: the Insurance industry. As per a report published on the 27 of September 2017, the Price per Click for this industry is £11 on average. For that kind of money we can put cups in the hands of more than 50 people. Yes that's right: 50 people with a warm coffee in their hand, looking at your insurance company's branded cup.

All in all, that makes it significantly cheaper than digital marketing, and you engage with people when their receptiveness and alertness is heightened due to the caffeine rush to their brain. Let's not forget that many people drink coffee during break times so again you are reaching them when they are emotionally happy and in a positive mood.  Let's not forget also that one cannot put adblockers on cups and it is a medium which builds your brand, defines your company as innovative, while online ads are hands down annoying.