Illustrating the true solution for our takeaway coffee cups

Let’s face it: we will carry on using takeaway cups. But that‘s not too bad if we get them recycled and the bottleneck is once again funding.The answer is to make cups more efficient and turn them into billboards. Yes that’s right, advertising billboards. Not for traditional tacky adverts but for beautiful, arty, funny and eye catchy messages and brands.

After a charity and a beauty app, the startup CupTheMarket is launching yet another campaign on cups with the great service app GoFantastic. With many campaigns scheduled this year in both London’s finest independent coffee shops and Universities, the company wants to prove this is the right solution model for the paper cups. Advertising on takeaway cups allow revenues to be generated and in turn will fund recycling, something they have successfully demonstrated during their pilot test at Cass Business School. They collected in 1 month 3,500 cups which amounts to 75% of cups sold on campus during the same period.

At the forefront of home & corporate services, GoFantastic allows Londoners to book services to their doors by the touch of a button in their beautiful new app. Keen to experience new things and break the rules of traditional marketing they want to surprise Londoners when they’re enjoying their coffee. The message is clear: let Londoners Live, Work, Play and GoFantastic will do the rest. And their offering is pretty smart, with post AirBnB cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, all the way to removal and pest control. We can all benefit from such comprehensive app.

This colourful campaign will be Live for a month from the 15th of May at 10 different Locations in London so don’t forget to pick up your cup or check out, and enjoy a £10 discount with the code GOCUP.

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