Prettly APP: Beauty treatments delivered to your home now

Prettly helps you find & book beauty mobile professionals for treatments in the comfort of your own chosen location.

We had tremendous feedback from cafe and coffee consumers who asked tons of questions about the app. Coffee shops loved that interaction and loved being different by promoting a cool startup - people asked why they were advertising on cups as they all loved the design: women thought the design was very feminine and colourful, aligned with the brand. Hosted at 3 lovely specialty coffee shop of the west end for a full month, the campaign for this rising beauty app was a success and will be run it again after the summer.

Beauty on demand is a tough environment with a lot of competitors and one has to try something new to get the word out and be different. Cups, as a new innovative medium shows the mindset and mentality of the Prettly team: thinking outside the box and trying new things.

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