A powerful medium: advantages of cups

cups coffee turkey.jpg

When we came to decide which slogan we should adopt for our company we went ahead for “Your brand in their hands”. It not only sums up our activity but also depicts the intimate nature of our advertising and our ability to get our clients’ customer touching and holding our clients’ brands. And that is truly special. So what happens when you pick up one of our cups?

First of all, the design is neat and strikes every customer: “Oh the cup is not white today?!” will they say. Soon (10-15min after) the caffeine will hit, making you more aware, receptive and likely to engage with the ad. Who drinks a 12oz cup in one go? Noone. Indeed, it takes on average 20-25 min for you to finish your drink and you take 20+ sips from it. That's a loooooong exposure time and on average 6 more people will see the cups during that interval. You move, you walk, it sits on your desk, wherever you are it influences people around you. The cup is kinda heavy so it has more value to your brain that anything else such as a flyer (that’s some serious neuromarketing).

Cups allows marketers to build trust: day in day out customers come, pick a cup and are influenced by the design. Oh and by the way we all have smartphone (85% of Londoners) so people can totally check out the brand on the cup right away. It's funny because let’s face it: most of the time we hold the cup in one hand and our beloved smartphone in the other.

We offer our clients the choice to pick and choose exactly which cafés & areas of London they wish to target and there is a promo code on the cup to track conversion.

Your brand in their hands.

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