Artificial intelligence vs covfefe


Building on our last blog, I’ve seen recently on Linkedin: “People don't hate ads, they hate bad experience. We need ads that create better experiences; Ads that are relevant don't interrupt and add value.”

Another article with a high number of details and examples criticised how Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads can be efficient as sales boosters, but do not build your brand very much. Essentially these banners are efficient in the short term but remain annoying. Big TV commercials, tube campaigns, or magazines campaigns on the other hand will certainly build your brand in the long run. The designs and messages have more space to showcase who you are as a brand. These expensive classic campaigns are harder to track vs digital marketing but have long time effects.

So on the one hand we have trackable cost effective ads which do not build your brand (and can actually annoy people and may play against you). And on the other hand, we have big budget, huge powerful brand building ads which do not guarantee break even or good ROI. But now that marketing is ROI and metrics driven it s about now and not later. A mix of both is therefore required especially because the big expensive commercial can build your brand in such a way as to secure long term clientele and profitability.

It s important for brands to be able to tell the general public about their products and they need to do it in a nice and adequate manner. When it comes to cups, we’ve seen how we can make stunning cups to lighten your morning. Not only it is a powerful platform for a great design but branding cups generate money to finance recycling. Brands, coffee shops, universities, and coffee drinkers all benefit from it. A win-win, win-win situation.

But since people buy differently marketing had to adapt. Selling soap to the housewives in the 1950 was relatively easy in comparison to selling it to the millennial. The marketing industry is moving bloody fast and is now more and more digital. I believe the rise of AI will see our children with chips embedded under their skin (to replace phones and wallets and everything) and marketing will evolve into yet other shapes and forms. With that in mind why create a company that does marketing on cups? Why building a company around an old school platform? Because Covfefe will remain our covfefe: we adore it as it's firing up our brains, associated with a relaxing social moment, and putting us in a better dispositions to buy.

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