Caffeine makes people buy more


Apart from masking the fatigue, caffeine makes you more alert and attentive. The blood flow in your body and brain really makes you feel more awake. As a result when you have a beautiful cup in front of you promoting say, an app, you re way more likely to interact with that cup and check the app on your phone than you would have otherwise.

So we'll keep on branding the coffee cups for a long time to come. It s important to use that space because vs a billboard or other mediums, the consumer is already pumped up, juiced up and attentive to the design. So the drink itself makes the consumer in the right conditions to engage with the brand but that would be enough. The design has to be bang on too.

Believe it or not but when I visited Brazil I didn’t like the coffee there. I was a bit stunned because I had heard so much about Brazilian coffee and how nice it was. In fact, I had drunk plenty of Brazilian coffee here in London and was eager to taste it before it’d crossed the Atlantic. Similarly, a friend of mine visited Colombia and Mexico, and reported that coffee there was appalling too. As it turns out, these countries export all their coffee (the best one, that’s for sure) as it's a substantial income for their economy and therefore we, the western world, end up drinking the creme de la cremeof the world’s coffee here in good old London, the capital of a country which appetite for Tea precedes it!

The London lifestyle, or at least the so called modern lifestyle demands a lot of work, effort and excellence in the office and coffee has now a central role in productivity. Office workers can have up to 10 coffees a day. The long hours and the “I want to do everything” lifestyle takes a toll on our bodies still made of flesh and bone. Which means they can be placed in that perfect state of attention and readiness in front of the same brand multiple times a day, day in day out! That means they will start recognising, trusting and bounding with that brand very well. Again, if you walk pass the same billboard everyday but you re doing something else and your brain isn't wired in, the effect cannot compare to the power of the branded cups.

We’re tired all the time, we don’t sleep enough and it’s much easier to get a nice caffeine fix. So it doesn't come as a surprise if coffee consumption have rose steadily over the past decades and is still heading up pretty sharply. One thing is for sure: marketers can take advantage of that right now.

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