Coffee shops: reduce your costs in style!

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Being an independent coffee shop among all the well established and powerful coffee chains can be a tough cookie for a lot of owners. But rest assured, a new comer is here to help: CupTheMarket offers free takeaway coffee cups to independent shops and aims to give even more free stuff in the future. But how do they do it?

If you don’t pick up your morning coffee from one of the high street chains, it is likely that you will drink your covfefe from a plain white cup. Indeed, independent coffee shops usually order standard cups as bespoke supplies can be more expensive. CupTheMarket gets brands, apps, companies to advertise on cups so when a contract is signed, cups are produced and shipped directly to a specific list to coffee shop Free of charge. The aim is always to produce beautiful designs which do not resemble advertisement. We at CupTheMarket believe this is a great space and it should be used to elegantly promote specific ideas & businesses. By working with us, coffee shops can in turn save quite a lot as not paying for their cups translates into instant profit. Sounds good? Well, send us a note and we'll add you to our network!

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