Marketing: I Love you, I hate you.

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Our relationship to advertising can be slightly tricky to say the least. Some hate it, and some don’t really care. Marketing is important and allows you to get a lot of free stuff. Think about newspapers, TV shows, series, ... but also social medias, music platforms such as SoundCloud... A lot of things we consume on a daily basis exist because big brands pay to be promoted within these platforms and some money is then used to recreate some nice content. As a result how can we explain all these crusades against advertising, since we benefit from it everyday? Let’s take 1 step back.

If I say “bread” or “ice cream”, I ve said something generic: it ranges from the most awful bread to the most divine french baguette or brioche. You see it’s not about the word marketing or advertising after all: it’s about the level of quality and how it’s made. So again, marketing ranges from the most tacky and disgusting ad in your face everyday, to the funniest and most exquisite court metrage. A good and extreme example of that would be TV American commercials (sorry but yes) as opposed to a court metrage made by luxury brand Cartier to promote its watches. Cartier’s youtube channel has 133 million views as of July 2017 with videos toping up 25 millions views. So what does it tell us? Are you saying people are deliberately going to youtube to watch a… commercial? But is it a commercial any more?

So there you have it: It’s so beautiful people enjoy watching it. Stop making commercial and start making things people will enjoy. But don’t get me wrong: I don’t feel like I’ve discovered the wheel here. A lot of companies have understood that already. And it’s also about balance. 1 commercial is fine. 10 commercial? Its’ okay. 100? Maybe no. 1,000 commercial later and and you want to bash your head against the wall. That’s why we start installing adblockers everywhere.

At CupTheMarket, we love to try, play, experience with different designs, colours, layouts, set ups, icons, vectors, logos, ideas and everything possible to make a cup look just beautiful. So beautiful in fact that it needs to be close to art. Obviously it ll be tricky to compete with a painting by Monet, Kandinsky or Pollock, or even the Cartier’s films, but you get the point. We want to actually make the coffee experience a more enjoyable experience. So we keep three things in mind: colours combination, the minimum amount of words and adding that little something different.

Let design be your number one brand ambassador.

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