Lucrative marketing ideas for travel agents


Let design be your number one ambassador.

I have this perception that travel agent ads are usually annoying, boring, pushy and not really inspiring. The only one I remember is that easyJet printed campaigns with a beach or crystal clear water on the tube. The contrast of the sun & beach as opposed to the darkness and depressing tube tracks, struck more than one Londoner. But apart from that campaign the rest is rather boring.

With beautiful & inspiring designs, if not funny ones, travel agents can put a smile on the faces of the Londoners. Again it s important to remember that people do not buy what you do but why you do it. Beautiful colours, contrasts, images, pictures, bref, quality content will make us all remember that your travel agency is simply above the rest. That is what sticks in people’s mind, and they will feel the urge to check out your offers and book through your website and not somebody else’s.

Why cups are such a good match for Travel agent? Probably because coffee is break, and break is coffee. In other word, cups will target people when they’re having a nice time, a little break away from work, during a nice relaxing moment or when meeting friends & colleagues. It is  precisely in such situations that they are comfortable to make decisions, besides it's very likely they’ll have their smartphone or laptop with them to jump on your latest Sales offer.

So do something local, on a relatively large scale, relay the campaign online and show you’re doing something truly unique. Promote a specific destination, or communicate some prices which could be real deal makers, or why not print something unique about your company. Let's put some sun in the life of the Londoners with all these crazy looking cups with pictures of fantastics destinations.

Let covfefe drinkers hold their next vacation in their hands right before they knew they were going.

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