Pimp my cup and cup my app


As discussed in one of our previous blog articles, when we have coffee we are usually not far away from our smartphone, if not looking at it. It seemed only logical to work with smartphone apps. It’s a pretty good match don’t you think? A nice coffee, served in a beautiful cup promoting a really cool app... and in the other hand a smartphone and a thumb ready to hit the download button… It gets trickier.

The people in charge of promoting their apps have a tight budget and usually go through conventional channels to promote their newly developed software. But they’re also ‘growth hackers’, looking for new solution, innovations, ideas and disruptive things to do, in order to get the app out there. So they totally get our cup business. Running a campaign however can be a bit pricey for new structures and startups. Long story short, the people who get it and love it can’t always put the money down. And on the other side the big brands and companies who have the budget are hard to reach and slow to make decisions (especially when it comes to something new).

Since, we’ve been growing both our university and independent coffee shops networks, we dealt mostly with apps. The new economy and apps love the idea and truly connect with it. Our aim is to work with 20+ companies this year and build that portfolio and acquire as much data as possible. As soon as we can show some nice track record more and more apps and brands will come to us.

Because so far, we’ve learnt the hard way that within the marketing industry everyone is stuck to KPI’s and ROI’s and if you can’t show the big numbers that it s very hard to get clients onboard. But it s only the beginning: we’re looking to work with some top corporate firms in universities for the next milkround and prove to everyone once and for all this is the best medium to reach students. So let us grow and build a portfolio with people we connect with. People who get our product and what we do. The bigger players and late adopters will come after. Having said that, I can already tell you they will all share the same regret regarding their bespoke cups: that they didn’t order more.

Launch a campaign on cups for your app and wait for to see that spike in the number of downloads.

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