Some Good Coffee cup ads!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 13.06.08.png
artwork on cup s bottom.jpg


This coffee cup promotes Toronto Plastic Surgery, simply by adding an image of a nose onto the cup. When drank from, the cup gives the illusion of the drinker having a different nose, one that many might see as being a 'perfect' nose. This means that they can walk past a reflective surface and see themselves with an ideal nose, which might push them to having a nose job or just consider plastic surgery. Very simple, but very clever.

The second one is to promote Extra Gum - placed on the bottom of the Starbucks cups that was clever. But wait for the next one... the Orbit campaign, advertised in South Africa:

Orbit 2013.jpg


Hell yeah that's even more clever! A free Orbit gum coming with your coffee.

Guerilla marketing level 1000.

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