Marketing ideas for pubs


In case you’ve been living in a cave, coffee consumption is catching up quickly with the beer consumption. Pubs used to be the one and only place to meet, chill and spend a sunday, but are now closely matched by super trendy hipstery cool coffee shops, with moustache baristas and finely roasted coffee beans from the far end of Kenya.

In turn, pubs have started serving more and more coffee. So that might as well be the perfect opportunity for pub owners to promote their establishments by getting their own branded cups. With a specific message like “happy hours 4-7pm” or “Best mojito in town” or perhaps “Sky, sports, football live here” etc… bref, all in all find something specific which will stick into your local clients’ heads and let them carry your cups everywhere in the neighbourhood.

We believe no other medium offers the quality of attention that cups generate. In an era dominated by old mediums of advertising and the advent of adblockers, it is about time to bring an exciting marketing medium pubs aficionados would happily engage with.

An alternative would be pubs taking part and becoming a distributor of branded cups. What that means is that if you re part of our network, then we can supply you with some branded takeaway cups. Indeed let’s say we work with betting companies or football or SkyTV, we can then send over some really cool branded cups free of charge to your pub.

The press recently exposed the whole scam around takeaway cup recycling, so we all know that paper cups are recyclable yet not currently recycled. Coffee lovers were misled and shocked. With our model, they know that drinking from your branded cups means a lot of them will get recycled here in universities, as we promote and fund cup recycling. So thank you for taking part in this incredible journey where marketing rhymes with recycling.

You may also install specific bins to collect paper cups within your pubs which will be branded as well and generate revenues. It s about making the whole scheme efficient and smart.

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