Use cups across London and reach your audience  

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The BEST moment of the day to engage with your customers.

Additional reach

Targeting commuters means cups will travel and reach other people. Targeting office workers means cup will end up on their desk all day long, influencing their co-workers. Lets call them the MINI-BILLBOARDS of the 21st century

Coffee shops use thousands of unbranded cups. We provide them with your branded cups so you can capitalise on the coffee hype and target your audience like never before.


We work with a growing network of cafés to reach your audience in areas you want. Our network covers the affluent areas as well as CBDs of Beautiful London. If 100+ cafes aren't enough we will add more for your campaigns.

You not only position your brand a really strong medium, but also get to reach people when they are having an amazing coffee experience, an enjoyable break, or a time with friends.

Define Who you are

Send the message to the world on who you actually are. Communicating using takeaway cups is very efficient and will prove your brand is innovative fresh and trendy. Cups will give you that desired competitive advantage against any other competitor or medium.

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Google Ads vs Cups

It is important to understand your objectives when advertising on cups. You might consider cup advertisement as an OOH marketing tool and measure it with Cost per mille. However, in reality you should use other forms of measure as your potential clients have a personal interaction with your brand.

If your objective is to acquire more customers/users, therefore you need to use Cost Per Click analysis, as you are looking to raise awareness but also make the coffee drinker take action on what you promote.

Think of the cups as your landing page, so the client has already clicked on your Adwords. Therefore the cups need to look beautiful and informative to convince and convert your potential clients. Cost per click can reach £11 on average for the insurance sector while a Cost Per Cup is less than 20p, making it even cheaper than Google Ads.


How It Works

  • Define your audience & areas you wish to target

  • Pick & choose the cafes from our network of 100's of cafes

  • We estimate the cost of production & launch according to number of cafés

  • Design & Production phase(2-3 weeks)

  • Launch