At university, students drink up to 5 cups a day because a break usually means coffee


Students are trend makers and the perfect target audience.  Reaching millions of millennial and students across the campuses makes cup advertising the perfect medium to reach them. We cooperate with some of the best Universities across the UK.


We provide you with a perfectly targeted audience at universities with a well traceable campaign




Benefits of Campus presence

  •  Competitive advantage against competition by being visible across the whole campus from canteen to classroom and libraries..

  • Repeated impression of your brand on campus students and visitors, Students have up to 5 cups a day

  • Your cups will be observed by 1,000s of students. The cups will be like Mini-billboards across the campus. Some cups can sit in class for hours and maximising your exposure.

  • Campus Domino effect making your ads go viral

  • Campus allows full capacity for feedbacks and tracing the campaigns

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Be loved by Student

  • Motivate students to apply for internships during autumn term at universities: Support and secure students' future career as well as helping them to be more productive.

  • Increase students’ purchasing power with vouchers for a wide range of materials: help them save money

  • Improve students’ experience at university and maximise student satisfaction rate : enhance their university experience

Coffee Times at University Campuses

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How to campaign in campus in 3 steps



1- Define your objectives and the type of students you want to         target. (eg; STEM, Arts & humanities, etc.)

2 - Select among our wide network of universities: London               based vs Campus

3 - Select the term dates: aligned with University, Autumn term         (Graduate jobs application promotions), Spring term, or             specific dates

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