"CupTheMarket is specialised in delivering marketing campaigns on takeaway coffee cups."

If you give somebody a hot cup of coffee, they are more likely to have positive feelings towards your brand.
— Guy Kawasaki

CupTheMarket is all about giving our clients the opportunity to reach their target audience at a precise moment when they are relaxed, alert, and receptive to your message. Coffee consumption reaches new highs every year and correspond to important moments of the day. The mission of CupTheMarket is to capitalise on these moment when the coffee drinker is in a positive state of mind.


We turn daily paper cups into advertising billboards and leverage our vast network of coffee shops, universities, exhibitions and events to launch powerful marketing campaigns aimed to build your brand, and convert potential clients with a simple CTA. To ensure the success of your campaign, we create the most beautiful and engaging designs, whether that is for exhibitions and events or to target public, hence pick with you the coffee shops in line with your brand and listen carefully to your goals. From understanding your needs and objectives, to planning and executing, we ensure that our work is consistent, cost-effective and measurable.


Our networks of coffee shops, universities and events/exhibitions allow us to reach precisely the the target audience and individuals you want and in the areas of London you choose. We put your brand in their hands when your audience is comfortable, relaxed, and when caffeine makes them more likely to interact with you.



Raise Awareness On Cup Recycling on Every Campaign

Our statement is to promote and fund cup recycling in the UK universities. Therefore you will be associated with our great cause as you will help us recycle cups. Join us aboard this Green journey.

The UK alone disposes 2.5 billion cups a year where many ore dumped in landfills. With every campaign, you help us to raise fund and sponsor cup recycling at universities and educate the next generations of consumers on caring and saving our beautiful planet. We produce our cups in the UK and aim to recycle them domestically which dramatically reduces carbon footprint. 

With our new recycling schemes, universities can save money with our free collection fee scheme and the new bin designs reduce cup waste volume by 80%. You can stack up to 600 cups in one bag compared to 70 cups in normal bins. We will then transform the cups into beautiful byproducts from pens, pencils and note pads for universities to trays and decorative furnitures.

"Nothing is recyclable unless it is fully recycled."

Lets discuss your brand campaign on coffee cups.